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Welcome To Zigma5

Why ZIGMA5? Because Zigma5 offers 100% service Reliability, 24/7 customer Support and Reduce your monthly phone bill. Zigma5 has two running setups in USA, one is in NY and the other is in LA. In case of any system failure, our servers automatically switch over to the other system. So there is no chance of any service interruption.

ZIGMA5!!! right solution for your business, Everything you want, everything you need Anytime! Anywhere . Time to get reliable VOIP services By Zigma5 Globally!!! Just a click away. An inclusive Phone System, from a Company you can count on! We are offering services globally for all of your business solution on single platform: Zigma5 is an affordable and fully feature phone system for small to all-sized businesses, Hosted PBX services and our Hosted Services can be Replace in IP PBX easily.

All these inclusive services eliminate the need to buy and maintain an expensive phone system, and give everything you need at an affordable fixed monthly cost.

Find our services, and get rid of highly specialized IT staff to manage your phone system. Zigma5 offers intuitive, customizable and easy-to-use web-based features mean you can manage the whole system with just a few clicks of your mouse. As your business grows, you’ll be able to add, or remove, and replace user information immediately enabling your whole staff to instantly take advantage of all the productivity-enhancing features Zigma5 has to offer now and in the future.

We are offering our services in multiple languages: Arabic (UAE, Egyptian), English US/UK, Spanish (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina), Italian, Urdu, Portuguese, Polish, Persian, French, France, Canada, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Philippines, etc….

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