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Select Polycom or Cisco phones for your desk and conference phone needs. They arrive Plug & Ring ready, so no manual configuration is required and free technical support is included.



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List Price = $249


High sound quality, simplicity of use, protection and interoperability produce the snom 370 extremely suitable for SMEs, home offices, personal customers or ISP applications. The snom 370 is the VoIP phone for the business enterprise consumer who wants quick use of their essential information. With the large graphic, high-definition display, the snom 370 presents a better and extensive presentation of call provides, handle books and caller information. Caller data could be tailored quickly through XML to show the information the consumer wants displayed.


  • Tiltable, high-definition graphical display (240 x 128 Pixel)
  • Large LED (red) for incoming calls
  • 47 keys, 13 LEDs
  • 12 programmable function keys
  • Speakerphone
  • Dual Ethernet connection
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Additional keypads with 42 programmable function keys
  • SIP RFC3261
  • Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS
  • Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM 6.10 (Full rate)
  • National Language Support
  • Available colours: black



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List Price = $160



GXP2124v2 is a next technology enterprise grade IP phone which includes 240x120 backlit graphical LCD, 4 point keys with as much as 4 SIP reports, 4 focused XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, 24+4 XML programmable speed-dial/BLF extension keys, dual switched Gigabit Ethernet locations with incorporated PoE, 5-way conference, and Digital Catch Switch (EHS).


  • 4 line keys with up to 4 SIP accounts, 4 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, and up to 32 call appearances with 24+4 speed-dial/BLF extension keys with dual-color LED
  • 240x120 pixel backlit graphical LCD display with up to 8 level grayscale
  • Dual switched 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports with integrated PoE; supports Electronic Hook-Switch (EHS)
  • HD wideband audio, superb full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation and excellent double-talk performance
  • Built-in personalized application service (e.g., local weather, stock, currencies, etc), flexible LCD content customization using XML



We suggest next events like Bria that is onetime prices for $3.99 on Iphone app store.


Cisco SPA Desk Phones and ATAs

Cisco supplies a total type of small-business workplace telephones and analog plugs through their Linksys line. Most recent SPA-series (model number begins with SPA) workplace telephones and ATAs may be provisioned instantly with Zigma5 using our served provisioning capability. Find out about using our served provisioning.

Polycom Desk and Conference Phones

Zigma5 offers many Polycom models. They come pre-configured for your Zigma5 account and are fully advised and supported by Zigma5. For consumers with present Polycom products or those obtained from a third-party, we present an assisted provisioning capability to immediately provision those products with Zigma5. Find out more about using our assisted provisioning.

Snom Desk Phones

Snom supplies a total distinct small-business SIP table phones. Obtain the handbook to discover ways to manage these phones manually. Observe Zigma5 does not give extra support for these devices.

Grandstream Desk Phones

Grandstream provides a total line of small-business SIP table phones. Download the manual to discover ways to manage the crooks to manually. Observe Zigma5 does not give additional support for these devices.

Yealink Desk Phones

Grandstream provides a complete distinct small-business SIP table phones. Obtain the information to discover ways to configure these to manually. Notice Zigma5 doesn't give extra support for these devices.

Paging & Intercom

CyberData supplies a total array of SIP-based paging and intercom devices.

Multi-Port ATA

You can purchase a single-port ATA straight from Zigma5. Look at the Linksys 8000 8-port ATA if you are looking for a unit with an increase of ports.


Zigma5 recommends two options for cordless phones. First, any normal analog cordless phone could work using our analog adapter. A set of suggested analog cordless telephones can be obtained here. Next, any normal SIP-based system will continue to work with Zigma5, including cordless phones.